Retired teacher looks to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with story project

Focus will be on history of Lambton County

Bob McCarthy, a retired high school teacher and active writer/historian, is hoping to engage the broad community in a project designed to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 by telling 150 stories, all of which will serve to bring the history of Lambton County alive.

“One of the most powerful ways to help make history come alive is through stories,” says McCarthy, who has written several books on local history, at least a few of which are “novelized” accounts based on records he has researched.

McCarthy’s concept includes setting aside one story reflecting Lambton heritage for every year of Canada’s history.

Suggested topics for many (but not all) of the stories have been selected by McCarthy and a few of those have already been “spoken for.”

“There are still opportunities for those submitting stories for this project to select their own stories that would apply to a particular year,” he said.

The project, “Voices of Lambton—Discoveries That Matter—Canada 150,” will see those stories created as PowerPoint presentations that will, once submitted and selected for a particular date, be published on Lambton Shield.

The individual presentations are expected to be three-to-five minutes in length and should include between five and 15 images related to the story along with audio appropriate to the story.

An application (DOWNLOAD FORM HERE) should be filled out. As indicated on the form (which is in PDF format, downloadable to any computer), an applicant should CONTACT McCarthy (519) 542-1581.

Lambton Shield will be presenting one video online each day for 150 days, beginning on February 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2017.

Also included in the project will be a showing of 150 photographs taken in Lambton, presented on July 1, 2017.

McCarthy has created a submission form for the project, which is available here. The form can be filled out and sent to McCarthy.

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