The Revue takes place starting Thursday at Great Lakes Secondary School

With annual variety show's rich history, last event at former SCITS auditorium will be 'extra special' for some

Pictured practicing for this week's The Revue at Great Lakes Secondary School are, from left, Chloe Kendall, grade 12; T.J. Long, grade 10; Megan Mooseberger, grade 11; and Emma Tanner, grade 12.

For April Brander, her first year as director of The Revue, the long-running annual variety show that takes place at Great Lakes Secondary School this week—March 1, 2 and 3—seems to be a natural progression of her connection to the former SCITS and a show that actually predates the construction of the school in 1922.

Brander, who heads the English and Drama department at Great Lakes, was a student and since she joined the staff in 2003, she’s helped out with the show, working under the direction of Dan White, who retired last year.

“Dan was my drama teacher when I attended SCITS in the 90s,” said Brander. “He’s assured me he’ll be in the audience and we’ve joked that The Revue is really in his DNA.”

Tickets for this year’s show—which starts at 7:30 p.m. each evening—are $10 and available at the school’s office. Doors open every night at 7 p.m. and tickets at the door are $12.

As has been the case in other years, this year’s event—which will be the last in the former SCITS auditorium—will feature a wide range of performances, from comedy, music, and skits.

“It brings in students from all the grades into one production,” said Brander. “In that way, it differs from the typical musical, where there might be a niche of ‘artsy’ kids. You definitely get those, but you also get those who might be more involved in athletics or other pursuits.”

Preparing for The Revue is something that goes on throughout the year, said Brander, pointing out that selection and practices for what is called the “World Famous Girls Kick Line” start in September.

“That has been an element, without fail, of every show we’ve had,” added Brander.

She says ticket sales are strong but the big push is obviously this week, with the first performance on Thursday night.

With it being the last show in this location, Brander says this year’s event will be extra special.

“We hope people will come out and enjoy, as they do every year.”

A YouTube video promotion of the show can be seen here:

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