Rosedale Public School participates in recycling contest

Currently, the school sits 14th nation-wide

Rosedale Public School in Sarnia is participating in a nation-wide recycling contest hoping to win the grand prize of a picnic table made from recycled snack packaging waste.

Students collecting snack packaging at Rosedale Public School. (Photo Provided)

Since March, students have been sending snack pouches to be recycled and submitting daily votes for their school. Now, the school sits 14th in the running to win the grand prize.

Rosedale Public School hopes to collect the most snack pouch waste, including the flexible pouches and plastic caps, before May 31st.

The contest is put on by TerraCycle, a recycling company that takes difficult-to-recycle packaging and turns it into innovative products and Materne, the creators of GoGo squeeZ, a squeezable applesauce sold in plastic pouches.

Schools earn one point for each GoGo squeeZ pouch sent to TerraCycle for recycling and one point for each vote received on the online contest page.

Anyone wanting to support Rosedale’s efforts can go online and vote for the school by following this link.

The contest is part of the GoGo squeeZ snack pouch recycling program which has collected over 315,000 units and raised nearly $7,000 for charity nation-wide.

The program is ongoing and open to any individual, family, school or community group. For each piece of waste sent in using a pre-paid shipping label, participants earn points that can be translated into charitable prizes or cash donations to the school or charity of their choice.

More information about the program can be found on TerraCycles’ website.

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