Rosewood staff members welcomed on first day with ‘birthday party’

Retirement living division's new initiative provides new staff members with a fun way to start first day

New Rosewood Manor staff members Carrie Silva and Jen Humphrey are seen here during their "birthday party" on April 1.

Steeves & Rozema’s retirement living division has started an innovative new way to welcome new team members to its homes.

Instead of people spending their first day of work being inundated with policies and procedures, new staff members are now being treated to a “birthday party” to welcome them on their first day.

The idea is not just about providing new staff members with a more relaxed, casual first day of work. It’s also aimed at giving them the opportunity to meet residents and their co-workers in a friendly, social setting.

On April 1, Carrie Silva and Jen Humphrey started their first day of work at Rosewood Manor in Sarnia. The two new employees enjoyed entertainment and refreshments with residents and other staff members. They were also presented with a company gifts.

Janice Horley, Rosewood Manor’s executive director, is supportive of the new initiative, noting it’s an excellent way to welcome new team members.

“We want to show our staff that we love them just as much as we love our residents and that we want to celebrate their addition to our team,” Horley says. “(The party for Silva and Humphrey) was well received by both. Carrie stated that she has never felt so welcome into a company as she did at her ‘birthday party.’”

Horley adds: “How can it not be a good thing to come home from your first day of work with flowers, gifts, balloons and say, ‘They even had a birthday party for me’? Who wouldn’t want a first day like this?”

This story was provided to the Steeves & Rozema Group by Axiom News and originally appeared on the S&R Today website. Republished with permission.

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