Rotary Club joins with Community Concerns for Medically Fragile in supporting home

Expansion of Standing Oaks will give additional residents opportunity to live as independently as possible

Two local groups, the Rotary Club of Sarnia and Community Concerns for the Medically Fragile (CCMF), have made substantial donations to Standing Oaks, a three bedroom, wheelchair accessible townhouse located adjacent to the Pathways Health Centre for Children in Sarnia.

The Rotary Club’s donation of $25,000 combined with a $15,000 donation from the CCMF, will help make possible appropriate accommodation for four new residents.

“These very generous donations will help to expand Standing Oaks, and make it a home to even more people,” said Andria Spindel, president and CEO of March of Dimes Canada and its Non-Profit Housing Corporation. “They’ve gotten us closer to our fundraising goal of $300,000, and I know that Sarnia will rally behind this great cause and get us the rest of the way.”

Attending an event on Monday (April 16) in announcing the donation was Eric Ethridge, a local musician who serves as a celebrity ambassador for Standing Oaks.

“Standing Oaks is a wonderful resource here in Sarnia,” said Ethridge. “I’m really pleased to support March of Dimes Canada’s Non-Profit Housing Corporation in whatever way I can.”

As part of March of Dimes Canada Non-Profit Housing Corporation, Standing Oaks currently provides 24-hour attendant care to five people living with severe disabilities, as well as respite for family members caring for someone at home. The expansion will allow for another four residents to receive the same support in a family atmosphere.

“March of Dimes Canada always strives to help consumers live as independently as possible,” said Spindel. “Standing Oaks is one way we do that, and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished here in Sarnia. But we can’t do it without support from the community, so I invite everyone to contribute whatever they can. Every dollar will bring us closer to that $300,000 goal.”

More information on Standing Oaks and the Non-Profit Housing Corporation can be found at:

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