Royal Canadian Navy ships dock in Sarnia for the weekend in recruitment, resupply visit

Two ships in the Royal Canadian Navy, the HMCS Summerside and the HMCS Shawinigan are at the government dock for the weekend as they take on fresh water and other supplies and do their best to convince young Canadians what great career opportunities await them as shipmates.

Leading the visit are the two commanding officers of the ships–Lt.-Commander Paul Roddick of the HMCS Shawinigan and Lt.-Commander Luc Tremblay of the HMCS Summerside.

Just before took a tour of the Summerside, Lt. Commander Tremblay gave an introduction in three parts:

The Summerside, Tremblay explains, is a very capable ship.

Clearly, recruitment is one of the main purposes of the trip, which Tremblay explains:

Lt.-Nav officer Zac Townson, a native of Sarnia, took on a tour of the Summerside, beginning with the bridge.

A panel of alarms identifies any problems that may occur on the Summerside.

Weapons are part of what makes the Summerside an entirely capable ship representing Canada on the seas.

The role of the Summerside is explained by Townson.

The Summerside has been in all extremes of weather, hot and cold.

Use of weapons and damage control is all part of the training.

Responding to rescues or transfers is part of life on the sea.

In the event of a man overboard incident, the Summerside crew is ready to respond immediately.

Having a fire on board is a serious matter that commands the attention of all the Summerside's sailors.

Where do sailors sleep?

Food is very important on board.

Officers' mess is explained by Lt.-Nav Townson.

Explaining the "ringing of the bell" tradition on board.

The HMCS Summerside and the HMCS Shawinigan will be in Sarnia through Sunday.

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  • Steve

    Is there an admission charge for this tour?

  • Artie fyshe

    How much to board ship?

  • mike stoner

    How much is the admission to board the ship. Want to take the kids but not break the bank.

  • jd

    There is no charge for the tours! Enjoy!

  • jd

    Absolutely no charge to board the ship and take the tour. Gives you a new sense of awe and admiration fo the “Royal Canadian Navy” and the men and women who serve. Great chance to see it up close and personal. J.D. Booth, Publisher,

  • jd

    No charge for the tour of the ship. J.D. Booth

  • jd

    No charge. Wonderful chance to see the Royal Canadian Navy at work! J.D. Booth

  • Joanne

    Can we take pictures on the ship.

  • jd

    Pictures are allowed any place they will take you (which is not everywhere for security’s sake).