Sarnia City Council gives at least a flashing green light to Centennial legacy project

While some opposing Sarnia City Council members may have struggled with the concept of "approval in principle," a majority of City Council gave the Centennial Legacy Committee what they wanted on Monday—the knowledge that fundraisers can begin to develop a pitch for a $4.3 million campaign needed to pay for an ambitious waterfront project south of Centennial Park.

As presented, the proposal to Council was for approval "in principle"—which would be predicated on public input which organizers are asking for this week (times and dates for the sessions previously announced in

Lone nays on the vote were Terry Burrell and Andy Bruziewicz.

Burrell said he had expected proposals for the legacy project to be brought to Council for debate.

The results of the public input sessions on the legacy project, which would receive $1 million in reserve funding from the city, will be brought before Council on Dec. 10.

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