Sarnia Fire Rescue moving forward to bolster reserve fleet

fire fighterSarnia Fire Rescue Services won't be waiting for any legal issues around the inspection of two now decommissioned reserve fire vehicles to be resolved before bolstering its fleet.

On Monday (Feb. 4) City Council is expected to act on a staff recommendation to purchase a $451,356 fire pumper, shifting funds previously set aside for the refurbishment of other equipment and delaying future purchases by one year.

But that doesn't mean the city is ignoring issues that came up when two reserve vehicles, given a written report attesting to their worthiness turned out not to be the case.

Two months after the original inspection, done in September 2012, a routine brake inspection at the city's mechanic's shop on Devine Street revealed several structural damage to the frame of one of the vehicles. The damage to the support structure for a 50-foot ladder was described as "severe," prompting the city to investigate further.

When the original fire apparatus service company re-inspected both vehicles, they discovered extensive damage not only to the ladder supports but to the rest of the structural frame, chassis and cab of both vehicles. Subsequently, both vehicles were permanently removed from active service.

A follow-up inspection by another company confirmed the "fail" on both vehicles.

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