Sarnia is nothing compared with Vancouver–thankfully!


I look on with amazement and some thankfulness over how well behaved the Bayfest crowd has been. You only have to look back upon the disaster in Vancouver. Thousands rioted, looted and burned after only one popular event.

I'm not comparing the Stanley Cup to Bayfest. However, Sarnia's award winning musicale on the waterfront continually attracts crowds of 12,000 to 17,000 each night. I know some feel this is a recipe for trouble. But thus far only a handful of arrests and a few tossed out for drunkenness. So what are we doing right and Vancouver wrong?

Is it the well-oiled  and organized Bayfest machine? Concert security or the large police presence? Perhaps yes. Better still, I think it speaks to the well-behaved, well-intentioned music lover here for a good summertime experience. Tickets are hard to come by and cost big bucks. So nobody wants to throw them away.

The events in Vancouver painted a horrible picture for sure. I know that Bayfest isn't everyone's cup of tea. But the images generated from it reflect positively on this community. We here are certainly doing something right. Bayfest and Sarnia's good name 'Rock on'.

Rick Smith is a resident of Sarnia and a former correspondent with CKCO TV.

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