Sarnia Library arranging blind dates with books

'Blind Date with a Book' runs February 8 though 15

(Travis Poland/Lambton Shield)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Sarnia Library is entering the matchmaking business and inviting patrons to go on a blind date with a book.

(Travis Poland/Lambton Shield)

Hand-wrapped mystery books decorated with colourful hearts will be placed in the Sarnia library and visitors can take a chance with an unknown book.

The program starts Thursday, February 8 and runs until Thursday, February 15.

“Participants are invited to check out their date from a library display,” said Adrianne Lebert, reference librarian at the Sarnia Library. “Each book will be wrapped so you won’t know the title or the author of the book. The only hint will be a brief description.”

The program is designed to get readers acquainted with new genres and authors.

The mystery books will be from a variety of different genres and formats including mystery, romance, classics, horror, science fiction, non-fiction, audiobooks, and large print books.

Lebert said the program is great if people are between books, unsure of what to read next, or simply want to try something new.

If a library patron doesn’t feel attracted to any of the mystery books, Lebert said there are more options.

“If someone can’t find a date that they match up with, I encourage them to come chat with one of our library staff and we can try to play matchmaker for them,” she said.

The Sarnia Library offered Blind Date with a Book last year and Lebert said the feedback was positive.

Even people who didn’t take a book liked the program.

“They had fun reading the descriptions and trying to see if they could guess what book was wrapped up,” said Lebert.

Lebert said she has about 35 books ready for a blind date and more will be prepared if needed.

“Take it home, unwrap it, read it, and enjoy,” said Lebert. “Hopefully, it’s love at first sight!”

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