Sarnia Police arrest three individuals in counterfeit U.S. currency operation

Search warrant and video surveillance result in discovery of home-based business

Sarnia Police say they have arrested three individuals who they believe were making counterfeit U.S. currency from an apartment in the city.

In what police believe was at least four instances, a 23-year-old man attempted or was successful in buying items using the fake money, receiving change for some of the purchases. The man now faces charges of making, possessing and attempting to make purchases with counterfeit money.

Two other suspects, both female (age 23 and 24), were charged after a search warrant of an apartment in the 800 block of Colborne Road, Sarnia that was conducted on Tuesday (January 26).

That was the same day the male was able to make a purchase of a small quantity of items from a local establishment, receiving change from a counterfeit $20 U.S. bill.

Police say they seized a total of $2,700 in counterfeit U.S bills in various denominations and stages of production.

The two female suspects were released on a promise to appear; the male suspect was being held for a bail hearing.

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