Sarnia Police say familiar telephone scam has popped up again

Caution urged after bogus claims of family members being in jail and requiring wiring of money

Sarnia Police have issued a public reminder of the need for caution around a scam involving calls to help from family member in dire need of assistance.

A media release issued says several individuals have reported receiving calls from someone claiming to be their son and in need of financial help.

“The phone line is usually not clear and the individual is crying,” according to the media release. “The phone line is then supposedly forwarded to an individual who claims that their son owes so much money to be released from prison and then goes on to tell them that the money can paid only by Western Union.”

Constable Giovanni Sottosanti, media officer, said anyone with concerns should attempt to get in touch with the family member and verify the situation or at least contact the police.

“This scam is not new but unfortunately has popped up again,” said Sottosanti in the media release. “Do not react on reflex and pay the money for once you do you will more than likely not get it back and it could be for thousands of dollars.”

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