Sarnia Police say more senior scams surface

senior-scamsTwo more local seniors have been defrauded of a sum of money over phone scams, say Sarnia Police.

In the first incident, an 87-year-old was defrauded of about $6,500 through a telephone fraud involving various travel companies.  The senior provided credit card information over the phone after telemarketers enticed the senior with travel incentives. The transactions are said to have taken place over a 13-month period.

In the second incident, a 78-year-old received a call from a man whom the senior believed was a son-in-law, who said he had been in a motor vehicle collision in Quebec and that his insurance was no good in that province. The caller then lured the senior into sending cash to cover expenses. About $6,000 was lost in this case.  The senior was convinced the caller was the son-in-law and sent the money via a courier company to an address in Quebec.  This investigation is being followed up by the Sarnia Police Criminal Investigations Branch.

Sarnia Police say these are just two of the many scams that seniors fall prey to and where fraudsters take advantage of them.  There are many educational videos available to assist the public in these types of incidents.  You can view one of them on the Sarnia Police web site by looking under “News Room” then on the drop down menu, click on “Fraud Alerts.”    

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