Sarnia police urging residents to protect their property

Sarnia police say it’s a never ending story and contend that community residents are continuing to be victims of senseless crimes that could easily be prevented if some extra pre-cautions are taken.

The message from police is “Lock your cars and keep valuables out of sight.”

Police said between Oct. 15 and 17 residents in the area of Massey Crescent, Bristol Street, Lansdowne Avenue and Connaught Crescent became such victims as their cars were either damaged or entered and ransacked and valuables taken.

Loose change, bridge tokens, wallets, sunglasses and CDs were allegedly stolen.

Even though some cars were locked, people apparently had their windows smashed on the cars so the thieves could remove the item they wanted.

To date, Sarnia Police said they’ve received five such reports and believe the incidents occurred sometime between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. on those dates.

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