This Saturday is St. Patrick’s Catholic High School’s ‘Irish Miracle’

Students and volunteers will be canvassing neighbourhoods in Bright's Grove, Sarnia and Point Edward for non-perishable food donations

Isabela Gorgonio, left, and Samantha Bedard are student co-chairs of this year's Irish Miracle event at St. Patrick's Catholic High School. The event takes place this Saturday, Dec. 1.

Last year, students and volunteers connected with St. Patrick’s Catholic High School in Sarnia collected some 8,500 bags of non-perishable food donations as part of its Irish Miracle Food Drive.

This coming Saturday (Dec. 1) marks the 35th annual occurrence of the Irish Miracle and about 500-600 people will be doing their best to add to last year’s total—perhaps 9,000 bags.

The donations will be distributed to the St. Vincent de Paul food bank, say organizers.

The school held a rally on Tuesday as a way to build up spirit and to do a little “training” on what to do and what to avoid when going door to door.

Joseph Palko, who serves as the chaplain for the school, said a base of about 400 student volunteers are augmented by volunteers, including drivers who pull everything together to make the event possible.

The starting point is at the school, located at 1001 The Rapids Parkway, with the excitement beginning at 8 a.m.

Those choosing to donate to the Irish Miracle food drive are asked to place their donations outside their door between 9 a.m. and noon. Alternatively, donations can be dropped off at the St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Bank, located at 228 Davis Street, Sarnia.

We spoke with Samantha Bedard, a grade 11 student who is co-chair (along with fellow grade 11 student Isabela Gorgonio).

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