School’s ‘Transition Committee’ looking for volunteers

Subcommittee will look at History and Memorabilia

The Transition Committee of Great Lakes Secondary School is setting up a History and Memorabilia subcommittee whose responsibility will include various tasks related to the combined SCITS, St. Clair Secondary School and even Central Collegiate.

Among the specific categories the subcommittee will work on are:

  • Time Capsule
  • Plaques, Trophies, Awards (Central, SCSS, SCITS)
  • Inventory of memorabilia items, i.e. trophies, plaques, awards, etc.
  • Yearbooks
  • Design and dedication of space for memorabilia
  • Liaise with the Sarnia Historical Society
  • Archiving recent photos of both school sites (e.g. yearbook)
  • War Memorial

The committee is looking for eight SCITS or St. Clair alumni or former staff to be on the committee.

People who are interested are asked to contact the principal, Paul Wiersma, by Thursday, October 20.  Volunteers are asked to provide their name, number of years that they taught at or attended SCITS and/or St. Clair, what school activities they were involved with, and what their interest is in being involved on the committee.

Names and information will be provided to the Transition Committee for its October 24 meeting at which time the Transition Committee will decide the makeup of the History and Memorabilia Committee.

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