Second generation Piquette has business with healthy appetite

With help from local funding organization, it's also about creating a healthy bottom line

When Marc Piquette was growing up, working with his Dad seemed to be a natural fit.

But when Normand Piquette retired (he now lives in Ottawa), his son knew he wanted to go in a different direction than the “heavy on the catering” his father had done for so many years.

In fact, with his Piquette Frozen Meals business, he’s effectively drawn a big “X” through that category.

“It’s not a life I wanted to work,” he says. “The idea of doing seven weddings on a Saturday isn’t much to look forward to from a work-life balance.”

What Piquette did make sure he did when he began his business some three years ago was pay a visit to the Sarnia Lambton Business Development Corporation.

Today, with his business entirely focused on preparing nutritious meals and an operation he is looking to grow.

Demand he says is high, so the challenge is channeling funds he has secured through the SLBDC to build out a facility that will help meet that demand.

His relationship with the SLBDC began at least three years ago, when Piquette looked to the organization, which is a member of the Community Futures Corporation, for help in writing his business plan and actually putting his idea for a company that would fulfill a real need in the community into action.

“It was a huge help,” says Piquette, who is on the verge of outgrowing his Mitton Street South location.

While Marc is purposefully staying away from the catering that helped make his father famous in the area, he has used the recipes that were so popular with people.

Adding the business advice and funding options that come with the SLBDC has helped set him on a course to success.

Today Piquette Frozen Meals is poised to grow, thanks to Marc’s persistence, attention to quality, and commitment to serving a growing list of customers.

Meals can be ordered online and Piquette has deliberately kept his prices affordable, perhaps another nod to his father, who appreciated his contribution to the community.

Piquette Frozen Meals can be found online at www.piquettefrozenmeals.com.

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