See snow? Slow down!

Lambton OPP (Thumb)Lambton OPP are reminding all drivers to adjust their driving according to the environmental conditions they are experiencing. 

"It is important to slow down and leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you when you are driving in inclement weather," said a media release. "When roads become slippery, it takes more time and distance to bring your vehicle to a stop.  Keep lights on for safety and to help ensure you are seen by other vehicles around you.  Do a quick check of your vehicle to make sure your lights are all working, your fluids are topped up and that you have your emergency kit with you in case you become stranded."

Police recommend drivers carry a fully charged cell phone with them.  

Other items you may include in your emergency kit are:

  • A call police sign.
  • A fully charged flashlight.
  • A battery operated radio.
  • Warm blankets, extra winter clothing and hand/foot warmers
  • A tin can and a candle to aid in keeping warm.
  • Water and juice boxes that can be peeled open when frozen
  • Snack/nutrition bars.
  • Shovel

Take the time before you head out to listen to forecasts, to local media and check with Environment Canada or the Ministry of Transportation. Postpone your outing if conditions are not favourable. 

Please DO NOT call the Provincial Communications Centre for road and weather conditions.  Police will not provide this information.  When you call the PCC, you tie up the phone lines that others depend on for emergency situations.

Always pay full attention and exercise caution when driving in inclement conditions.

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