See the white stuff? Stay off the road or slow down, say Sarnia Police

Sarnia Police report that as of early Sunday afternoon (Jan. 29) there were at least 10 motor vehicle accidents in the city, a direct result of the snowfall, the first one of the season that could be considered substantial.

Stay off the roads if at all possible is the message police are passing on.

"The heavier-than-expected snowfall is a contributing factor (to the accidents)," said police spokesman Christopher Oram, but "motorists' unwillingness to alter their driving habits to suit the conditions is the primary factor."

None of the collisions as of approximately 1:30 p.m. had included injuries, but that could obviously change.

Roads are slick and visibility is poor. If you don't need to drive, please don't. And if you must, please slow down and adapt to the driving conditions.

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