Have you seen the Golden Hawk restoration?

With summer weather here, it's time to take a visit to Germain Park

Local aviation enthusiasts Rick West, left, and Mark Seibutis, centre, with David Burrows, host of the TVSN Daily, with the restored Golden Hawk in the background.

Two local pilots are hoping that one of Sarnia’s “best kept secrets” as far as aviation history is concerned will get the attention of the public and visitors to Germain Park.

That’s where a restored Golden Hawk stands proudly on display for anyone with the interest (and knowledge of its existence) can take the time to visit.

Rick West and Mark Seibutis recently spoke to David Burrows of The Video Show Network about what the Golden Hawk has gone through and what visibility it brings to the community.

Both West and Seibutis spoke to Burrows about the passion, the initial skepticism about the project and the many people and organizations that ultimately made the restoration a success.

The full video of the interview with Burrows can be seen on the Lambton Shield “recent video” playlist or at The Video Show Network.

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