Service club combines love of community and helping hands

The Kiwanis Club of Sarnia-Lambton Golden K is growing, but open to new members

When we sat down with Allan McKeown, current president of the Kiwanis Club of Sarnia-Lambton Golden K, and Dave Marshall, a long-standing member, it was with a sense of anticipation, since these two residents of our community are known in large part for their compelling personalities.

Dave Marshall, left, and Allan McKeown are both members of the Kiwanis Club of Sarnia-Lambton Golden K. They were guests this week of J.D. Booth on the Spotlight podcast.

McKeown, a native of Northern Ireland who came to Sarnia with his wife Dorothy in 1972, is retired from a lab technician’s job at Bluewater Health. He was also (in 2008) the first federal candidate for the Green Party.

And then there’s Dave Marshall, known not only for the number of people he’s come to know in nearly eight decades as a Sarnia resident but for the timeless jokes he brings to just about any conversation.

J.D. Booth, editor of Lambton Shield, greatly enjoyed interviewing both members of the Golden K Club. We hope you enjoy the result and share with your network!

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