Rumble At the Border sees Smash Wrestling Stars at the Station Saturday Night

Smash Wrestling looks to make Sarnia a regular stop

Councillor Brian White steps into the ring to defend Sarnia's honour

It’s the age-old story, Good vs Evil. Will the Good Guy win or will the Bad Guy prevail?

This is the basic storyline of any pro wrestling show. What makes today’s wrestling shows different from those years ago is the performers, top notch athletes doing the impossible, and seeing it live is incredible. Sarnia will be the scene for a taping of Smash Wrestling for their on demand service, Saturday night at the Station

This is the third visit for Smash Wrestling to Sarnia and while the crowds love them, at least one person isn’t happy—Sebastian Sauve.

He was involved in a match with Brent Banks the first time Smash was in Sarnia, and Banks allowed some of the younger audience members to have their way with Sauve, when he was in Banks’ clutches.  One of those that took a few “chops” at Suave was the son of Sarnia Councillor Brian White.  Suave took exception to that and had a few choice words for White and about the city of Sarnia.

White was not going to take that and a social media battle ensued between White and Suave. When Smash returned in September a war of words ensued with Suave’s manager Anthony Kingdom James and Councillor White.  Now Chapter 3 will unfold this Saturday at the Station as Brent Banks again faces Sebastian Suave BUT this time Councillor White will be handcuffed to Kingdom James so no shenanigans can take place.

White says if things get out of hand he is not above throwing hands with Kingdom James.

Scott Hunter, who represents Smash Wrestling, says the company has been overjoyed with the response they have received since coming to Sarnia.  He says the crowds get bigger and the whole experience just gets better.  He stresses that Smash Wrestling is for the entire family and in this day and age there are not a lot of things where Mom, Dad, and the kids can all go out and enjoy the show, together.

One of the members of the Smash Wrestling team is former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, who has been the referee in the Main Event of Wrestlemania before and brings a lot of experience and credibility to Smash Wrestling, making it a one of a kind experience.

Hunter says they hope to make Sarnia a regular stop on the Smash tour schedule.  He says because of the partnerships they have built they can bring in top-tier talent for the shows like the one in Sarnia.  This Saturday will feature the first ever Smash Wrestling champion Matt Cross, and UK stars from WCPW and WWE – Joe Hendry and Mark Andrews. Hunter says those partnerships have really given the fans a great opportunity to see the best in the business and has helped them grown from a Toronto promotion to going Canada wide.

Smash Wrestling is now doing shows in Montreal as well.

Arron Sisson, who is with the Chem Valley Agency who works very closely with the Station bringing in quality entertainment like Li’l Windex and Smash Wrestling, is extremely pleased with the way the community has come out to support Smash and says that there will be more wrestling events in the future, Smash has already posted on their website that they will be returning to Sarnia in the New Year on January 19th.

Tickets for the Saturday night show are still available either at The Cheeky Monkey in downtown Sarnia or through the Smash Wrestling website at or at the Station on Saturday night with the bell ringing for the first match at 7 p.m.

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