Social Media 101: Which platform fits your business?

Knowing which one and how to use it is key

The way we advertise has evolved. Most businesses have a social media presence and understand that it is good practice to do so. However, there is a lot of information to learn about the world of social media marketing and it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. With so many options in just platforms alone to choose from, arming yourself with the knowledge to effectively use these resources will give you a step up on your competition.

Is your business social media marketing ready?

In this first article, we will discuss the different platform options available for your business marketing needs. Keep in mind that there are dozens of options out there, but we’ll be highlighting some of the most relevant options for the business community. We will go into depth into each of these in later articles.


Facebook is the most widely used and easily recognized platform in the world. Many businesses, nonprofits, and individuals have Facebook pages to promote their work (if you don’t … you should!) Everyone has Facebook, everyone has heard of Facebook. Most people look at and engage in Facebook multiple times a day. The website’s greatest strength lies in its massive reach.  It is accessible and the interface is extremely user-friendly.

Have you ever had that one person on your feed that posts interesting stories and photos about their lives that you can’t help but look at? With the proper usage of this tool, your business can evoke that same feeling in hundreds or even thousands of people (millions if you go viral!). What story does your Facebook page tell about your business?


Instagram is the cooler, younger brother to Facebook. It was launched in 2010 and is a photo and video-sharing social networking service. Purchased in 2012 by Facebook, Instagram has more than 600 million users. Instagram provides posters with the ability to create attention-grabbing visual advertising showing employees and products in action. This makes it a great way for businesses to connect with customers. It is quickly becoming the visual hub for the internet. Its ease of use and immediacy have made it one of the most popular and fastest growing social media sites out there.


While it may seem like every news agency and celebrity is using Twitter these days,there are definitely benefits for your small business on this platform as well. Twitter allows users to provide personal insights in the way of “Tweets” that distill ideas down to short, to the point messages. One of the definite perks of Twitter is that it allows for a tracking of an engagement of trends and allows like-minded people the ability to comment about these topics. It also allows small businesses an opportunity to engage customers in thought-provoking ways. Twitter really shows what your business stands for and gives you a voice on the internet.

To get the most out of social media marketing, a business should ideally use all three in tandem. Each platform has its own strengths and when used effectively they can round out a marketing plan that can drive interest and exposure that cannot be obtained through traditional outlets.

In the next few articles, we will explore Facebook in depth and discuss how to master a business page, how to create an engaging post and how to understand insights. Stay tuned and happy posting!

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