Social Media 101: setting up your Facebook business page

Mistakes to avoid and how to get the job done correctly for maximum exposure

In the last article, we discussed the three main platforms available for business marketing in Social Media. Today we will focus on the essential attributes of a Facebook business page.

All too often business owners create a Facebook business page with the best of intentions but fail to understand the importance of the basics. Having a bad page can work against your business rather than working for it. Here are some fundamentals that can establish the online footprint for your firm.

Now that so much shopping is done online, customers want to be armed with information before they even enter a business. The Facebook page allows a business the opportunity to provide your customers with this information in a very accessible way. A bare-bones page with inaccurate or out of date information can lead customers astray and leave them frustrated.

The most important part of setting up a business page is having current, accurate information. This includes address, phone number, email, website and store hours. When these things change in your business they need to be updated online right away.

The “About” section allows for you to define who and what your business is. It’s the chance you have to explain your business to people who have never used your services before. A great way to write your “About” section is to start with the five w’s:

What does your business provide?

Where can customers find your business?

When do you offer these products/services?

Who are the people who work in your business?

And most importantly, Why should customers shop there, why should they come in, why should they care about your business?

Have you ever heard of an elevator pitch? It’s basically where you have to summarize, in only 30 seconds (the time it might take to ride an elevator) why someone should use your business. That is what the “About” section is on a Facebook page. You have to write this section assuming that the person reading it has never heard of you.  More importantly, you have to do it in an engaging and enthusiastic fashion.

Think of your Facebook business page as an extension of the physical location of your business. The page needs to contain the same logos, colours, and images that your customers are used to seeing at your business every day. There needs to be consistency and harmony between the two and your business page should be an extension of the identity of your business.

Lastly, the page needs to have images that are clean, clear and professional-looking. Going back to the idea that customers want to feel comfortable with a business before entering, a few well-placed photographs can do the trick. Including images of your storefront, inside of your business, your product and your staff can go a long way towards familiarizing new customers and keep them coming back. This is where you can be creative with your business and share more personal information

Here is a quick example of how important the right images can be to your page:

Scenario number 1: a grainy, low-quality mobile phone image of a group of staff members standing in front of a brick wall with the halfhearted tagline “meet the staff”

Scenario 2: several high-quality images of the staff inside of the business, looking relaxed and natural with taglines that introduce each staff member and owner, explain what they specialize in or share a piece of information about them that makes them unique.

As a customer, which business would you be more inclined to visit for the first time?

The Facebook business page is a unique window into the heart of your business – make sure you’re taking full advantage of all it has to offer.

In our next article, we’ll talk about how to create engaging content for your Facebook page to gain and maintain customers – happy posting!

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