Software CEO is intent on growing area’s tech capabilities

Katherine Walker, more than agile in a developmental sense, has eye on the future

There was a day when Katherine Walker coded herself for a living. Today, as CEO of Industrial Web Apps and iMAP, a firm that provides a comprehensive document management system, she takes a much broader view on the business.

But Walker’s strategic view is one that sees the future unfolding from the perspective of a burgeoning tech community in Sarnia-Lambton, something that is very much—she and others hope—related to how our future will unfold.

In this episode of Spotlight, Lambton Shield editor J.D. Booth talked with Walker about how her business has evolved and how she sees a bright future for anyone who chooses to benefit from the technology she is taking a lead in developing.

It’s a fascinating conversation, one that we hope you’ll share with your networks.

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