Sounds too good to be true? Chances are it is . . .

scam alertIf you think an offer, especially from someone who comes knocking on your door, seems "too good to be true," chances are that's exactly what it is.

So says Lambton OPP, who are reminding area residents to be wary of anyone coming to the door uninvited, some of the local scams being offers of saving you money or helping you out with household appliances even though you haven't called for help.

Police are urging residents to use caution when considering allowing a stranger into your home.

"Don’t be pressured into allowing them access to your home or access to your private information just because that person says he or she can help you save money," said OPP in a media release..

The message was prompted by reports of strangers who are going to homes and using high pressure tactics to try to gain entry in order to inspect appliances inside.

"Always remember that you are in charge of your home. Report any suspicious activity, to your local OPP."

For information on the most popular scams that are circulating, log onto The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website.

There are also scam protection resources available at the OPP website.

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