Specializing in ‘zero waste’ makes good sense, for career and the planet

Mary Jean O'Donnell knows just where 'away' is when it comes to helping clients with their eco goals

Mary Jean O’Donnell is known for taking her clients—or people she’s trying to educate about the benefits of “zero waste”—to a landfill and pointing to piles of trash.

“This is ‘away,'” she says. “When you throw something away, this is where it ends up.”

As a professional waste reduction expert (she quips that she graduated with a degree in “garbology” from University of British Columbia), O’Donnell has helped clients from across the country and elsewhere divert material that might otherwise end up you know where.

Through her company, MJ Waste Solutions, she’s still at it, tackling projects that are designed to help effectively manage waste streams.

In a recent conversation with Lambton Shield Editor J.D. Booth, O’Donnell spoke about her background, how she returned to Sarnia after several years in British Columbia and how she continues to focus on the benefits of caring for the environment in meaningful (and profitable for her clients) ways.

Listen here and you’ll be sure to learn something valuable!

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