‘Stars of the Festival’ concert tonight

'The longest running independently organized music festival' wraps up its 88th edition tonight

For almost 90 years the Lambton County Music Festival has been showcasing local talent from Sarnia to Shetland and from Watford to Wallaceburg.

Tonight, the 88th annual Lambton County Music Festival wraps up with its “Stars of the Festival” concert starting at 7:00 p.m. at Great Lakes Secondary School.

“It’s a real variety show that for sure,” said David Nichols, President of the Lambton County Music Festival.

For only $3, anyone can come out and watch some of the best local music talent.

“You can’t lose for that price,” quipped Nichols.

The show opens with the elementary band from Lakeroad Public School followed by plenty more musical acts.

“We have a number of piano solos, a guitar solo, an alto saxophone solo, we have choir and vocal solos, we even have a clarinet solo that got the highest mark in the festival,” said Nichols. “We also have string groups, a trombone solo, we’ve got music theatre solos.”

“It’s all top of the line talent.”

The festival highlights talents that may otherwise go unnoticed.

“I just love seeing all the young and old talent up there. It’s great to have all these fabulous players come together in one venue,” said Nichols.

This year, the festival took place from April 24th to May 4th across Sarnia. Since the 1930s, the festival has been run 100 per cent by volunteers and “all of the funding comes from donations from local business, industry and private citizen donations,” said Nichols.

“We invite everyone to come out,” he said.

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