Students at Northern involved in ‘brainstorming’ solutions

Visit to Trillium Villa Nursing Home was part of Specialist High Skills Major program

Students in the Specialist High Skills Major program at Northern Collegiate are shown brainstorming solutions intended to help enrich the lives of residents at Trillium Villa in Sarnia. Photo by Madison Taylor.

The Specialist High Skills Major students at Northern Collegiate recently took a tour of the Trillium Villa Nursing Home to solve real problems. This particular training is called ICE: Innovation, Creative, and Entrepreneurship training.

Students travelled to Trillium Villa Nursing Home and toured the facility before working on the challenge. The task was to seek for improvements at the nursing home. Students would be a part of the activities as well as getting to know them. Some of the residents were interviewed to see how they like the nursing home and its services.

With the necessary information, the students divided into groups to come up with ideas to solve or improve the nursing home, based on what they experienced.

Students came up with observations such as social interaction is needed, wheelchair accessibility improvements, participation in activities, and comfort .

The students then came with possible solutions to solve these issues. The group who wanted to improve social interaction thought of story time, which would involve one-on-one connections with a resident.

The group that wanted wheelchair accessibility thought that the doorways and hallways should be widened to fit more than one at a time. Participation in social activities was resolved by one group by sorting the residents in “houses.”

By participating in an activity, the resident would receive points for their team and extra if they win or receive a special shoutout. The last group solved their problem of comfort by creating a larger lounge and greenhouse for the residents.

Both students, teacher, and employees of the Trillium Villa received great results of the challenge.

Life Enrichment manager Naomi Stevens, said that the proposal of the ICE training program was “a hard concept to grasp but that it turned around and came together quite well. It brought a new perspective on day to day life and can be transferable to daily life. That getting from point A to point B is a great life skill to have.”

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