How telling stories can be more than a simple exercise in curiosity

Are they really that interesting? It may depend on what we're willing to learn from someone who follows their vision

That’s interesting. Those two words are paired together in a way that draws the reader—or listener—into any one of countless stories that can be told.

Over the years, I’ve had a career of asking questions, hearing answers and then telling the stories that I hope will be interesting to someone other than myself.

Admittedly, sometimes I see there being a rather “low bar” on what I personally find as interesting. And sometimes I’ve said exactly that to someone who is about to spend their valuable time listening to something that I personally consider to be worth it.

Yet there’s a counterpoint to all this: over the years—too many to count—I’ve also gained a bit of perspective as to what is truly interesting, at least compared to what I’ve come across as being merely ordinary.

As I continue to hear people talk about their business, how they first came across the vision for what it is they are doing or hope to do, there’s still a sense of excitement that comes across.

And I think that’s where the interesting part comes to light.

Most of us—I was about to write “all of us” but modified that slightly—see the “magic” in what an entrepreneur is able to produce.

Sure, there are stories like the two Steves—Jobs and Wozniak—and what they were ultimately able to pull together with Apple, today one of the most valuable companies on the planet.

But there are far more commonplace stories that are still ready to be told.

And quite a few of them are right here in Sarnia-Lambton.

As I continue to draw the strength and energy to tell those stories, I hope you’ll be along with me to see value in how the “entrepreneurs among us” are making our community a little better than it was before they arrived.

Now that’s going to be REALLY interesting.

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