The new ‘Google Search’ series . . .

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Google Search has changed and for the better. The new way to search is so easy and so accurate you just won’t believe the results. With just a few tips and tricks using the new ways and means to search, you will never go back to the old way. No more typing in a word or phrase and praying you get something close to what you searched.

For the next three Fridays I will be demonstrating how to get the most from the new Google Search.

Each Friday you will be introduced to a new search concept within Google…I will show the pros and cons and the "How To". 

As well, there will be video links that demonstrate these features in a way that print could never accomplish.

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME searching the “old” way anymore. Read the three upcoming articles here…

Following the series in you are invited to attend my live Google Search demonstration. The only charge is a food item for our local Food Bank. This free event is hosted by the Sarnia Computer Users’ Group on June 29th. 

For details: CLICK HERE – CHECK OUT US ONline

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