THE SHOW: Abandoned Souls, Youth Talent Showcase, INDIEFEST, Can-Am Powerboat Races, The Trews and 54-40

The Show with David Burrows for August 7 2013 (Episode 92).
The Show with David Burrows for August 7 2013 (Episode 92).

As his viewers have all come to expect since Episode 1 of The Show was launched on November 7, 2011, this week’s episode is packed with information, recaps and exclusives.

First, however, there’s a special milestone coming up for David Burrows and, more particularly, The Show.

The countdown’s on folks – eight more episodes until The Show hits another milestone, and major one at that, as David Burrows’ successful entertainment news show closes in on its 100th episode. is proud to celebrate and support the special occasion with David Burrows and, moreover, to be along for the ride during this epochal moment for a online show that – against a myriad of odds and borne out of pure passion, determination and relentless hard work – has went from a great idea to an impressive reality in less than two years.

When asked how he’s managed to make it this far, week after week consistently producing and always improving upon his wonderful product while doing it all, as he would say, on his own time and his own dime, his response was honest, simple and to the point, “It’s all about choices.”

He’s right – life is all about choices and those decisions can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be talking more with David about the evolution and, despite any ups and downs, success of his appealing and consistently entertaining product – The Show.

Each and every week, David uses his growing media platform to enthusiastically celebrate the local community for all its robust artistic talent, devotedly covering entertainment, special events and, when warranted, charitable and non-profit functions.

Our goal as we approach the 100th episode is to, more or less, take a fresh look at David Burrows, if you will, and put him back into our spotlight for a new feature story that will follow up on our original spotlight that we did on him early last year.

Now, let’s get back to the present and talk about this week’s exciting episode of The Show with David Burrows.

First up this week, David delivers an exclusive interview he did over Skype with James Todd from the burgeoning London, Ontario, independent rock ensemble Abandoned Souls and let’s his viewers see their latest music video release coined In A Darkened Room.

Once again this week, David talks more about the upcoming INDIEFEST ’13 “Outback” event, slated to happen Aug. 24 at the Stubborn Mule in Sarnia, that will feature the best of the best in the regional independent music scene.

Up next, David officially announces the inaugural INDIEFEST Youth Talent Showcase that asks our local youth, “Have you got what it takes?”

The Youth Talent Showcase, that will put a spotlight on the artistic talent of young people, ages 14-19, giving that demographic the opportunity to showcase their musical talent, specifically asking for those can play an instrument, and if the aspiring artist isn’t able to meet that requirement, such as a vocal artist, they can bring someone with them who can play an instrument for the song.

“No karaoke singing, no music in the background, you’ve got to play an instrument,” said Burrows before adding, “If you can’t play an instrument and you just sing, you can have somebody else play for you.”

The winners of the Youth Talent Showcase will receive recording time courtesy of Dave Allen and Sugar Tone Productions, 4 hours f0r 1st place, 2 hours for 2nd place, and 1 hour for 3rd place.

The showcase is scheduled to happen during the “all day and all ages” INDIEFEST ’13 finale, coined Outback, at this year’s home of the celebration of independent music, the Stubborn Mule.

David also talks this week about the 3rd annual Can-Am International Powerboat Races, coming up this weekend starting July 9, that will feature world-class powerboat racing between two cities that are more like neighbors – Sarnia and Port Huron. The entertainment on tap is equal to the task of headlining a friendly international event with Canadian rockers The Trews on Friday night and veteran rockers 54-40 on Saturday night.

Of course, on top of all this David always has more new and information, special announcements and other exclusives.


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