THE SHOW: Cornerstone, White Cowbell, Paddy Flaherty’s, IRONSHIRT, Youth Talent Showcase, and INDIEFEST

The Show with David Burrows for August 22, 2013 (Episode 94).
The Show with David Burrows for August 22, 2013 (Episode 94).

Lookin’ cool in sunglasses this week and at the top of his game, David Burrows has done it again – he’s put together another exciting, top shelf episode of The Show that includes highlights, video footage and interviews from the past week in Sarnia-Lambton.

Notably, this week’s show – episode 94 to be exact – continues the countdown to a milestone episode 100 that’s now just around the corner with only six weeks left.

As we get closer to that significant milestone for David, will continue to celebrate with David and be thankful for the work he does, week after week, on his own dime and his own time, and more broadly his selfless, undaunting commitment to our community, always contributing to the greatness of this region.

Now, on to the business at hand – this week’s episode of The Show with David Burrows.

First up this week, great entertainment down at Paddy Flaherty’s with highlights from outstanding live music performances from The Highest Order and White Cowbell Oklahoma.

Next, an exclusive interview with indie rockers IRONSHIRT who are slated to play this weekend, Aug. 24, at The Stubborn Mule for INDIEFEST’s hotly anticipated all-ages, all-day Outback finale that will happen on the Mule’s outdoor patio.

David also makes a very special, exciting announcement this week about a new partnership between INDIEFEST and Sarnia-Lambton charity Harmony for Youth.

Next up on tap, INDIEFEST’s inaugural year’s grand finale that organizers have aptly coined Outback – it’s outside in the back patio of The Stubborn Mule.

Further to the stellar band lineup for the Outback finale – that includes the likes of perennial local favorites EVERGLO, Abandoned Souls, Zealots Desire, Southern Fryde Inc. and IRONSHIRT – David also talks about the 1st annual INDIEFEST Youth Talent Showcase that will be featured during the event this weekend.

Special mentions go out this week to The Painted Cat and Little Ceasar’s Pizza.

And, like you’ve come to expect from The Show, there’s more special announcements and exclusive information on hand.

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