THE SHOW: Sarnia Powerboat weekend, The Trews & 54-40, Big Pappa & The Machine, INDIEFEST & more

The Show with David Burrows for August 14, 2013 (Episode 93).
The Show with David Burrows for August 14, 2013 (Episode 93).

It’s been another exciting, festive week for The Show that kicked off with highlights from last weekend’s 3rd anniversary of the Can-Am Powerboat Races that includes, as you’ve come to expect from this program, exclusive video footage, photos and interviews.

David was pulling double-duty last weekend, typically working around the clock, almost giving the perception of being in two places at once.

He spent some of his time on the ground inside the live music venue doing work for The Show, taking in the atmosphere and people, mingling with organizers and talent while, at the same time, spending time on Front Street in a booth representing, along with partner Kevin Thorne, another great passion of his that’s really come quite a way since its inception many month ago – INDIEFEST.

Footage from last weekend’s powerboat races includes a backstage meet-and-greet with 54-40 and as well as footage of their performance Saturday as well as some from The Trews who headlined the previous night. Also, more exclusive footage of popular local rockers RETROSPECT on stage opening the night for the evening’s headliner 54-50.

On Saturday, David also did a very special interview with Big Pappa & The Machine lead vocalist Anthony DuPree who, during the interview, is enjoying it so much he kisses David – watch to see where he plants the kiss.

Also on tap this week, an exclusive Skype interview with “The Bluezzmann” John D’Amato from Memphis, TN, who talks about his career and his success on Reverbnation as #1 for blues coming out of Memphis.

A special mention from David, this week, goes out to Diversion Entertainment for their presentation of The Wedding Singer musical at Sarnia’s historic Imperial Theatre in downtown Sarnia.

David also send out more special mentions to Cornerstone slated to play Cravin’s Chill & Grill and INDIEFEST alumni MARKURS who celebrates his 21st birthday with a return performance at The Sidebar next to The Stubborn Mule.

On a final note this week, David talks about INDIEFEST and the upcoming all-day, all-ages finally coined OutBack slated for Aug. 24 on the outside summer patio at The Stubborn Mule.


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