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David Burrows from The ShowInset Photograph of David Burrows courtesy of Kerry Belliveau, Kerry’s Klips. is very excited and proud to announce that, starting this week on Apr. 17; The Show with David Burrows is returning home and will once again be featured as premium content on a weekly basis.

David Burrows’ increasingly popular premium-but-astoundingly-free YouTube series ‘The Show’ had previously been featured on and, through his work with us; Burrows added an element of content that was always unique, entertaining and, on so many levels, pioneering in this town.

Our publication would like to take this opportunity to sincerely welcome David and The Show back and look forward to working with him not only on his staple product – The Show – but on all his exciting endeavors and projects.

Since our organizations last worked together, Burrows has boldly and irrefutably taken The Show to new heights, transforming it into something much more exciting. He’s expanded the range, charm and content of his weekly YouTube series to reflect a broader and more audacious vision.

Originally, The Show was crafted around a local vision ignited by Burrows’ raw passion and love for the city where he grew up.  He’s always recognized and celebrated the range and variety of independent talent in Sarnia, says Burrows, wanting to create something special that could help give this region the earned spotlight it deserves.

His evolved vision still includes that local flavor that his viewers have come to love and expect, but he’s moved forward and, through his consistent growth, come to understand that, along with that local content, people are also interested in entertainment and engaging events that are happening throughout the whole region and, for all intents and purposes, beyond.

Burrows emphasizes, “I love this community and will continue to feature local content on a weekly basis, but my intent is to take a more balanced, diverse approach and give my audience more of what they love from wherever the action’s happening.”

His new tagline reflects these changes with simply, “Locally & Around The World.”

Burrows has also seen growing interest and support from the community at large, having successfully formed new alliances and partnerships around the region.

“I’ve had a lot of support over the past year from the whole community and I’m really grateful for that support,” said Burrows.

“The Show has forged alliances and relationships with the Sarnia-Lambton United Way, local establishments such as Cheeky Monkey, Bud Gowan and BrownStones and; most notably, there’s been incredible support from (local radio station) K106.3 as well as its sister-stations The Fox 99.9 and Country 103.9.”

In recent months, Burrows has continued to expand his proverbial horizons by using his weekly platform to, along with his business partner basement143 honcho Kevin Thorne, breathe life into a project called Indiefest 2013 that is slated to take place over a five-month period with five “Indienights” and concluding in August with a final all-day event coined Indiefest.

The first of several “Indienights” will happen this Saturday Apr. 20 at the Stubborn Mule.  That night, the featured act will be Toronto activists and mega-rockers Blurred Vision.  Blurred Vision has gained the significant following and support of Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters and they’re notably produced by RUSH behind-the-scenes sound veteran Terry Brown.

A local indie rock group, The Riot Within, is also slated to perform opening night as well as solo keyboardist Roy Cunningham.

Indiefest is donating a portion of its proceeds to support the Sarnia chapter of The United Way, and to create awareness for the Sarnia United Way campaign. Dave Brown, Sarnia-Lambton branch Executive Director, is excited about the festival.

“Indiefest is an important event series for the independent music scene in Ontario, and the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton is proud to be associated with it,” said Brown.

There’s no question that David Burrows is continuing his ascent upwards and looking toward the future full speed ahead.

In an interview with Burrows, not many months after the inception of The Show, on Feb. 14, 2012, he was asked about the future of his production and how he’d like to see it grow.  He replied that he might eventually like to do the show on a bigger scale while conceding that he loves Sarnia and feels like there’s so much here for him to do.

It’s clear that he realized his vision sooner than later and pointedly did so without sacrificing the content that’s put the town he loves in the spotlight it deserves.

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