Thefts in Sherwood Village

Sarnia Police Service (Thumb)Police said an outbreak of thefts from vehicles has plagued Sherwood Village for the past three days.

Several people, police say, have apparently reported thefts from their vehicles between Apr. 9 and today in the Sarnia subdivision.

Police don’t have any suspects yet, but said unidentified persons have allegedly entered several vehicles on Oslo, Turner, Oakburne and Frost Avenues during the evening and early morning hours and removed such items as bridge tokens, loose change, an iPod, headphones and documents.

Sarnia Police is advising the community to keep valuables out of sight and always lock your vehicle doors.

“The warmer weather is soon approaching and desperate thieves will be loitering about looking for anything of value they can quickly grab,” remarked Media Relations Officer Heather Emmons.

Police are asking the public to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhoods and recommend that whenever possible homeowners should install motion sensor devices on their property, keep lights on inside your home at night and secure windows.

Call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477 if you have any information on people that are committing these crimes.

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