This year’s Dream Home prize to be split among eight winning nurses

dream home 2014The winning ticket in this year’s Dream Home Lottery was bought by Amy Jewell but she and seven of her nursing colleagues at Bluewater Health will split the prize after agreeing to each buy a $100 ticket and “pool” their chances.

Along with Jewell, the winners include Christine Biggers, Kaitlyn Fraser, Stephanie Fraser, Sue Grant, Dorothy Dillon, Lana Maitland and Candace Fach.

It is expected that Jewell will take the $300,000 cash prize, dividing it eight ways.

The home, which is located at 482 Autumn Breeze Dr. in the Rapids Parkway subdivision, is valued at $400,000.

The Dream Home Lottery has raised more than $5 million since it was launched 19 years ago. This year’s proceeds will benefit Bluewater Health’s MRI Campaign.

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