Threats on Facebook against local school prompts police lock-down

St. Clair Catholic School Board officials alerted Sarnia police early Wednesday morning in relation to threats made against Ecole Secondaire Saint-Francois Xavier on Facebook.

Sarnia Police Service Uniform and Youth Bureau officers responded to investigate the threat that was allegedly posted online by a female student.

School officials called a Code Yellow at about 8:45 a.m. shortly after the principal was told about the student’s threat posted on social media according to authorities.  A Code Yellow is one of five possible codes and involves non-violent intrusion.

A Code Yellow is standard protocol in these types of circumstances and is often used during a lock-down situation to keep students in classrooms and ensure that no one enters or leaves the premises.

Police Sgt. Paul Mamak said the Code Yellow was called off at approximately 9:20 a.m. once police and school officials were satisfied no one was at risk.

Additional details about the threat were not given, other than that it was posted by a female student that attends the school.

Police officials and the school’s principal discussed the matter with the student and a decision was made not to lay charges against the student.

Saint-Francois Xavier is a French-language Catholic high school on The Rapids Parkway with about 200 students enrolled this year.

Students weren’t given any details when the Code Yellow was initiated, but several said they were nevertheless forced to stay in class an extra 15 minutes.

At 9:30 a.m. this morning, witnesses said two police cruisers were parked in front of the school while some students were exiting for their morning break.

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