Time to decide your future is almost up!

The title may be a tad over dramatic but the imminent deadline for applying to university in Ontario is quickly approaching.nervous

For months, senior high school students in Ontario have been receiving constant reminders about being sure to send in the necessary applications to the universities of their choice by January 16, 2013.

Back in November, each student was given an access code and password to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website. While the guidance offices at Northern Collegiate are specifically ready at all times to assist Northern seniors in their tough decisions on their future, it is completely up each prospective university student to get in their application on the website.

After applying and filling out necessary extra forms for certain specific programs, all that is left to do it wait for that email or letter that will tell each hopeful senior whether they have made it into their desired post-secondary education institute. Go to the OUAC website to apply now.

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