‘It took me about 10 minutes to fall in love with Sarnia’

Bob Purssglove, voice artist, chef and one-time renovator, somehow makes it all work together

This episode of Spotlight is a little “strange” for one key reason. Regular listeners of this podcast will almost certainly recognize the voice of my guest, Bob Purssglove, who has provided the introduction (and exit) to the Spotlight podcast from our beginnings back in January 2017.

He also assisted—gladly and without asking for anything in return—in some of the production niceties. I’m grateful.

Bob, who uses Robert Leslie as his “recording persona,” has become a very good friend but we’ve never actually sat down to talk about his background.

In doing so, I learned a great deal about my friend, which was a pleasure in itself.

Bob and I met, as I mention on the podcast, at a technology event in Sarnia—at which we were almost certainly the two oldest people in the room.

I think you’ll find this conversation interesting. And if you meet Bob in his various travels around, I bet you’ll find the experience as delightful as I have over these past months.

Here’s an interesting insight that I learned in our conversation. Bob seemed to have “invented” (at least in London, where he grew up) the idea of selling people the ingredients they would need—and the directions—to cook their own meals at home. It’s an idea that is sweeping the industry and Bob is okay with that.

There’s more of course, including how he got into the renovation business.

I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation and share with your network.

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