Union Gas to provide emergency heating relief for low-income families

Union Gas is launching its annual Winter Warmth program, which offers emergency relief to low-income families who have difficulty paying their natural gas bills.

Through the year-long Winter Warmth program, which operates in partnership with 28 United Way agencies across the province, customers can receive one-time financial assistance of up to $500 per household. Last year Union Gas, through the Winter Warmth program, provided more than $840,000 in emergency relief grants to low-income customers across its service territory.

“Providing assistance to low-income households who are facing difficulties paying their natural gas bills is one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to help change the living conditions for individuals and families in the communities we serve, for the better,” said Shawn Khoshaien, district manager of Union Gas.

He added, “Through the Winter Warmth program, and by focusing on energy conservation, we are making a difference for families in need.”

In addition to participating in the Winter Warmth Program, Union Gas also promotes conservation as one of the most powerful, long-term solutions to permanently lower heating bills. Union Gas provides a range of tools and education to give consumers the opportunity to take control and manage their energy use.

For more information visit uniongas.com/energyefficiency.

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