United Way campaign ‘very close’ to achieving goal

The United Way campaign is continuing to add to its totals and is now within $133,000 of reaching the $1.95 Million goal.

It is an exciting time of year to be around the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton office.  We are still waiting for the final results from a number of employee fundraising campaigns and I must admit things are looking very good in terms of reaching the goal again this year in a week or so.

We are at 93% of our goal as of Monday, which is $1,817,000 pledged so far from 3,885 donors from across Sarnia-Lambton.  We are seeing results from all across the county with retirees and other direct mail returns coming in strong.  As mentioned, there are still a number of employee results to hear from, plus a few more from industry.  A number of government accounts are yet to complete their drives as well.

Last year, we reported on December 8, that we had reached goal, and if I were an optimist, I’d say we will be in a similar position as last year.   Never in my 31 campaigns have I witnessed a campaign that reached goal that early.  It’s actually possible we might beat that date this year.  I never like to “count the chickens before the eggs hatch,” but everything seems to be coming together nicely.  It all depends on how soon we hear results from the outstanding campaigns.

Officially, the campaign will run until December 31, and donors will have to have their donations in by December 31, 2015 to be eligible for a receipt for tax purposes for the 2015 tax year, although donations in the mail but not yet reaching the United Way office will need to have their cheques dated for December.   Every year, we get a number of contributions in over the holidays and into the first week or so in January; as long as the cheques are dated in 2015, we can issue the 2015 receipt.

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