United Way of Sarnia-Lambton increases funding to North Lambton

The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton has committed to increase funding of direct services to the residents of North Lambton to a total of $30,000 per year for four years beginning April 1, 2012 to meet the increasing needs of the North Lambton area. 

This decision, however, eliminates the current funding of $21,765 to the North Lambton Social Services Centre, Single Point Access program.  Instead, United Way funding will be invested into direct programs and services rather than to a second level of administration. 

United Way Board Member Pam Gallant says, "The Community Impact model of funding that the United Way implemented in 2009 provides funds for direct programs and services that have positive, measureable impacts on both the client and community as a whole.” 
She added that the United Way will soon begin a Request for Funding Proposal process for the allocation of $30,000 to the North Lambton community. 
“This process will be open to all current direct service providers in the North Lambton community as well as other direct service providers,” said Gallant.   The programs and services to be funded will be required  to address goals under the three Community Impact areas; Healthy, Safe and Independent Seniors; Empowering and Strengthening Self Sustaining Families; and Supporting Youth At Risk to Achieve Positive, Personal Development. 
She also said United Way has and continues to focus its funding on Prevention and Early Intervention services.  “With the increased funding commitment and RFP process, we will be able to provide more measurable direct services to residents of North Lambton in the populations most in need,” said Gallant.
Kathy Bresett, executive director of the North Lambton Community Health Centre, said the North Lambton Community Health Centre will continue to support United Way funded agencies offering direct service to the North Lambton area  to enhance active community participation by providing accessible services where residents are supported and valued. 
"Our partnership vision includes the strengthening of individuals, families and community through a collaborative approach respecting diversity and the assets of all agencies, participants and volunteers and the broader community.  We appreciate the past investments of the United Way to our community and look forward to the increase funding commitment by the United Way to ensure that equity to services and inclusiveness are delivered to North Lambton residents.” 
Alan Stevenson, chief executive officer of the Lambton Kent branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, a former member of the North Lambton Social Services Centre, said his organization is proud of the new alliance with the North Lambton Health Centre.
"CMHA’s move to NLHC benefits the people we serve in the Forest area, improving access to needed healthcare options as well as helping us to manage our costs.  Working with the NLHC we are achieving our goals of improving access to service while at the same time ensuring that our services are sustainable now and in the future.  We commend NLHC for their excellent work in creating a cost effective and accessible service hub in the Forest area.  I am pleased and supportive of the United Way’s decision to not only maintain the current funding level but increase it to $30,000 for direct services in the North Lambton community.”
“Deciding not to fund an agency is always a difficult decision, however,  with the changing needs and an aging community, we are confident that providing this redirection and increase of funds will better serve the residents in need in North Lambton,” said Gallant.
For more information on the United Way’s Community Impact model of funding, please visit www.theunitedway.on.ca

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