Upcoming 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge gets local boost

Sarnia Historical Society partnering with Vimy Foundation on sale of commemorative pin

Chief Phil Nelson of the Sarnia Police Service receives a Vimy Pin from Ron RealSmith.

The Sarnia Historical Society has partnered with Canada’s Vimy Foundation to offer the Vimy Pin for sale in Sarnia-Lambton.

The Vimy Pin commemorates the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a four-day battle that began on April 9, 2017.

It was this battle, the first in which the entire Canadian Corps fought, and won, together that established a reputation for the fighting forces of Canada as the elite, shock troops of the Allied Armies.

It was described as “The Battle that Forged a Nation.”

Representatives of the Sarnia Historical Society are asking all Sarnians to wear the pin until next April, and then every April thereafter. “Support our troops, and help to remember Canada’s First World War sacrifice of 60,000 dead as the 100th anniversary of this great battle approaches,” said Ron RealSmith, president of the Sarnia Historical Society.

The Vimy Pin is available at The Book Keeper at Northgate Plaza or at Poppies Gift Shop at Bluewater Health. The cost is $6.

Proceeds support the work of the Vimy Foundation and of the Sarnia Historical Society.

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  • Tanis J Wright

    April 9th, 2017???? Come on LS, you have got to pay more attention to your editing! To devalue an important article such as this with the distraction of completely avoidable typos is a disservice to your readers. (We’ve talked about this already!)