Updated Pre-Technology program has added Trades component

Lambton College says move provides further options for students wishing to pursue further education

Lambton College has updated its Pre-Technology program to include Trades courses, a move it says will help provide students with the basic skills and knowledge required to pursue further education in either Technology or Trades diploma programs.
Al Arbour, dean, School of Technology, Energy & Apprenticeship, Lambton College, says the new course additions to the newly renamed Pre-Trades & Technology (PTEC) program will help increase overall student success when they enter into one of the College’s more competitive diploma programs.

“Lambton College’s Pre-Technology program has always been renowned for its ability to prepare students to go into a Technology diploma program,” says Arbour. “These new course additions will still ensure that our students are able to strengthen their core academics for these programs but also provides an exploratory emphasis on our trades programs as well.”

Arbour says the new course additions were designed to provide students with exposure to both trades and technology streams and that the one year certificate program is appropriate for any incoming student who would like to explore both options before pursuing their diploma.

The program still provides a foundation for incoming students who currently lack the science and math credits needed for acceptance into one of the College’s Technology programs. The course list has also been designed in such a way that first year Chemical Production & Power Engineering and Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology students who find themselves struggling with their Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics courses in their first term, can actually enter the PTEC program in term two, upgrade these courses, and be entered back into their diploma program in the fall semester.”

While those students won’t get the PTEC certificate, they will get all the subject content reinforcement they need for continued success in their diploma program, Arbour added.
The new program layout will see all students taking the same courses in term one, allowing them to take a more focused path in term two. Students who wish to pursue a Trades program in the future will have the option of selecting trades-focused courses, while those hoping to continue into a Technology program will take a Chemistry course instead.

As with all Lambton College programs, experiential learning will continue to be emphasized throughout the program. Additionally, students will continue to participate in ongoing projects intended to cultivate teamwork, communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills that can be used in future workplace scenarios when analyzing problems in various industry environments.

Graduates of this newly improved program will be well equipped for success in future diploma programs at Lambton College.

In fact, Arbour says that statistically, success in the PTEC program is very indicative of success down the road.

“Consistently, we have observed that students who hold their GPA in this program, go on to maintain that in the diploma program, so it’s a strong indicator of success,” he says.

For more information about Lambton College’s enhanced PTEC program, please go to lambtoncollege.ca/ptec.

Select spots are still available in this sought-after program for fall 2016. Interested applicants are encouraged to attend Lambton College’s upcoming Spring Open House on Saturday, April 2 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Guests of this day-long event will have the opportunity to speak to program staff and faculty, meet current students, and tour the campus and Residence.

Booking a one-on-one program consultation with a Lambton College Enrolment Advisor or a personalized campus tour can be done by calling (519) 541-2403 or by emailing info@lambtoncollege.ca.

A complete listing of all programs can be seen online at lambtoncollege.ca/programs.

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