Warden establishes ‘Discoveries That Matter’ award

Inaugural presentation recognizes historic discovery of oil in central Lambton

Bev MacDougall, Warden, County of Lambton; Charlie Fairbank, Fairbank Oil Properties; Ian Veen, Mayor, Village of Oil Springs; John McCharles, Mayor, Town of Petrolia; Kevin Marriott, Mayor, Township of Enniskillen; and Connie Bell, Oil Museum Supervisor, County of Lambton.

Lambton County Warden Bev MacDougall has established a new awards program she hopes will help knit the community together.

The “Discoveries That Matter” award, which draws attention to the branding initiative, will celebrate various discoveries in the areas of heritage, tourism, agriculture, and research and innovation.

The first award recognizes the historic discovery of oil in central Lambton.

“With this year marking the 150th anniversary of the Village of Oil Springs, there’s no better way to kick off this program than to recognize the discovery of oil,” said MacDougall, who made the presentation on Friday morning in Oil Springs.

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