Welcome to ‘The Journey,’ a new blog on Lambton Shield

After just a few years of procrastination, it's time to take another step forward

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Welcome to The Journey.

As a writer with more stories told than I could possibly remember, creating another opportunity to tell even more tales might come as something of a non equitur.

But the fact is that there’s a lot going on in my life—people I’ve met, interesting nuggets gathered, information I think is worth sharing—that having a blog where I can pour some of that “stuff” just seemed to make the most sense.

I admit that beginning “The Journey” is easily something I could have put off.

In fact, at least one family member has repeatedly encouraged me to “journal” in some form, even as she recognizes that I am, in fact, a journalist, with the academic credentials and years of experience to prove it.

So what can you expect from The Journey?

The best I can suggest is that it will be a compendium of thoughts and themes, some of them topical, some that will appeal to our community, others maybe that have no interest to an individual reader at all, or, on the other hand, an idea that should be of interest to more people than one might otherwise think.

I see it as, well, as the “journey” I’m on, as a journalist, a proud member of the Sarnia-Lambton community, someone who wants this place we call home to be better than it is today.

And someone who is willing to invest some effort in making this happen.

I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Reach me whenever you like—by email ([email protected]) or phone (519) 466-2811.

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