Well-known Bright’s Grove tree gets ‘hair cut’

Once thought to be a sycamore, the tree is said to be a London plane-tree hybrid

A well-known tree that is known by arborists throughout the area, got a “hair cut” on Monday thanks to a well-outfitted crew from Wyoming Tree Service.

The tree, which predates current neighbourhood residents, possibly by several hundred years, was thought to be a sycamore, but the “experts” doing the trimming said the tree is actually a London plane-tree, a hybrid said to have been created when seeds of North American sycamore brought from Virginia were planted by a gardener to Charles I of England.

The offspring of those young trees subsequently crossed with an Oriental sycamore growing nearby.

Since then, the London plane-tree has been cultivated for planting in cities around the world, making it one of the most widely planted urban trees.

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