Western students win Capstone awards as part of 11th annual competition

Awards presented in several categories related to chemical and biochemical engineering

Winners of this year's Capstone design project competition were honoured last Thursday at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park. Pictured, from left, are Julianne Pohlner of Worley Parsons along with members of one of the winning teams: Mark Pipher, Erica Glatt, and Clifford Palmer, as well as Janice McMichael Dennis of Bluewater Power.

A panel of judges, comprised of local community and industry leaders, has handed out the awards at the 11th annual Capstone Engineering Design and Competition at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park.

The event saw more than 60 graduating students from the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Western University make presentations in one of three cagegories.

First and second place winners were awarded as follows:

Renewable Fuels and Energy

First Place: Butanol Production from Sugar Beet Pulp

Project Engineers: Mark Pipher, Erica Glatt, Clifford Palmer, Robert Stevens

Second Place: Ethanol Production Using Corn Stover as Feedstock

Project Engineers: Mark Spinozzi, Sarah Tea, Greg Smith, Clayton Vanos

Oil and Gas Processes

First Place: High Severity Fluidized Catalytic Cracking

Project Engineers: Chandler Button, Alex Churchill, Jennifer Edwards, Hilary Stone

Second Place: Diesel Production from Biogas Using Fischer – Tropsch Synthesis

Project Engineers: Yara Alazki, Rawan Almusned, Alexandra Burke, Najeeb Fadel

Specialty Chemical Production

First Place: Production of Nylon-6

Project Engineers: Andrey Khramtsov, Katie Clarke, Paul Brzozowski, Sasha Van

Second Place: Production of Ethylene Oxide

Project Engineers: Huang Jiaqi, Tu Jiaming, Wu Yuanyi, Wu Yuhang

“Graduating students continue to experience tremendous benefits from participating in the Capstone competition,” said Katherine Albion, Bowman Centre Director. “Feedback received from the engineers, chemists and other professionals of our community help to shape and guide the future careers of these students.”

Throughout the event’s 11 year history, over 568 students have participated, presenting more than 155 projects. 131 sponsorships with a total value of $130,350 have been presented.

This year, Capstone sponsorships totaling $11,500 were generously provided by: Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park; Imperial Oil; Bluewater Power; WorleyParsons; Suncor Energy; SNC Lavalin; Nova Chemicals; Lehder Environmental Services; Pollutech Enviroquatics Limited; CF Industries; Western Research Parks; and Ontario Power Generation.

The Western-Sarnia-Lambton Research Park was created in November 2003 with the inception of the Community Development Corporation, owned by the County of Lambton. The Research Park manages and operates the property owned by the CDC. It boasts 270,000 square feet of leasable area and is home to a number of high profile tenants including Nova Chemicals, Enbridge, and WorleyParsons.

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