Will Waterworks make it ‘off the list’ of worst roads?

Area road makes it to infamous 'Top 10'

Photo of Waterworks Road, judged to be one of the top 10 worst roads in the area in a CAA survey.

Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) holds an annual competition for Ontario’s worst roads. The organization asks road users (drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians) to vote for the worst road they know and then share the results with Ontario’s provincial and municipal governments.

The worst roads are based on these factors: pothole coverage, crumbling pavement and congestion, pedestrian and cyclists issues and safety, and confusing signs or bad light coordination.

In 2015, over 2,000 roads across Ontario were nominated. With 90% of the roads being claimed to have pothole and crumbling pavement damage, the top 10 roads were reviewed and verified.

Sarnia’s very own Waterworks Road and Plank Road are rated in the top 5 for all of southern Ontario, along with Tecumseh Road East and Wyandotte Street East in Windsor and Chatham-Kent’s Baldoon Road.

Waterworks Road goes all the way from Bickford Line to Old Lakeshore Road. The speed limit on its most northerly last 2 kilometres was reduced within the last year due to the deterioration of the road. It had been discussed that roadwork will be done, costing about $1.5 million, from Michigan Line to Lakeshore Road. This will include fixing the decaying road base and the deteriorating shoulder of the road.

Plank Road was built to collect oil from Oil Springs, bringing it back to Sarnia to be refined. Plank Road made it onto the list for improvements, however it will be more expensive. Although Plank and Waterworks are on the top 5 worst roads in the region, CAA’s respondents judged them to not be poor enough to make the provincial list.

CAA encourages road users to vote for the worst road known so that it can be verified by road builders and possibly fixed. This is to increase the awareness of poor road conditions in the province.

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